Henry Gadsdon?
Questioning the Comfortable.

  Graphic Designer.
  NUA Graduate 2022.
Based Where I'm Needed.

Featured Projects:

  1. Art Fund_
  2. Cut Short
  3. Writing Wrongs
  4. Keeping it Reel
  5. No Kidding
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  7. HSBC Campaign
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3. Writing Wrongs.

Campaign for Change 

Focusing on how the power of words can make impactful differences on helping to combat global injustices, giving people the means and encouragement to Write Wrongs.

Henry Gadsdon, Ben Mountford, Nat Dalkiewicz / 2022

For universal accessibility and communication, the campaign is exclusively set in Google’s ambitious Noto Font Family, a single typeface that’s translated in more than 800 written languages and scripts.

Our posters typographically show how accessible the ways to go about Writing these Wrongs are to us, as well as depicting the injustices at hand that need to be corrected by those with the ability to speak up.

We continue to provide people with the means to write through an annual publication. This publication educates the public on Human Rights, including specific topics, and provides specific case studies to aid letter writing in order to help individual cases.

An online hub of information and resources in order to help Write Wrongs, providing both encouragment and means.

Pins are the perfect conversation starter, as well as clearly showing solidarity and participation within the campaign, encouraging others to take part and spread the word. 

The stationery fulfills a similar purpose, but also further provides a means of writing physically, and invites people to take part in Writing Wrongs in all forms.