2. No Kidding.

Design for Good, Awareness Campaign

No Kidding is a campaign celebrating and validating a child-free lifestyle, one that’s predominantly judged as unfulfilling.

Aimed at a population that doesn’t agree, we’re reminding them that it’s not their choice what others do, and it’s none of their business, either.

Henry Gadsdon / Creative Conscience / 2021

While playful in its visuals and tone of voice, No Kidding has a constant theme of bluntness, and rightfully so, as the people feeling pressured to have kids are really not kidding. It’s a campaign that hightlights the constant pressures and expectations to have children.

We’re presenting hand-printed messages that came from individuals who feel this constant pressure to make the campaign a lot more personal – more truthful. These experiences shared from child-free adults give the viewer some food for thought, making them question their prejudice.    

A playful & innocent visual style contrasts with a much more adult topic, ironically making the audience believe that they’re seeing something aimed towards children.

In partnership with We are Childfree, an organisation normalising and celebrating child-free individuals, we’re giving those who don’t feel they have a say on their way of living an opportunity to justify them, and a cheekily serious platform to do so.