5. Miyajima Modern

Typeface Design

This brief asked to craft a typeface that both conceptually and literally showed off a chosen location - my choice being the Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island, Japan.

Henry Gadsdon / Brief by Studio Buchanan / 2021

Researching the 12th Century architecture that the iconic ‘Torii Gate’ is known for, I used this aspect of the Shrine to build a coherent, and more contemporary, foundation to build letterforms from, rather than a more traditionally Japanese alternative. This ties into the monolinear style, highlighting the departure from sterotypical Japanese typography.

The Type Specimen for Miyajima Modern, showing the entire character list and giving more of an insight into related keywords associated with the location it’s visualising.

To better consider the scope and general usage of this typeface, this is packaging for a traditional saké bottle to be sold at the landmark, utilising imagery of the gate through the simplicity of the letter ‘M’. It definitely suits its purpose of being a display typeface, considering the monolinear style it’s been created in.