Henry Gadsdon?
Questioning the Comfortable.

  Graphic Designer.
  D&AD Academy 2021.
  Based in Norwich.

Featured Projects:

  1. Writing Wrongs
  2. Cut Short
  3. Art Fund_
  4. Keeping it Reel
  5. No Kidding
  6. Miyajima Modern
  7. HSBC Campaign
  8. IKEA Animated Short

8. IKEA Animated Short

Mixed-Media Animated Short

“There are more IKEA Catalogues printed annually than Bibles in the world.”

Henry Gadsdon / 2020

All of this in mind, a playful approach was taken, with a tongue-in-cheek comparison to the layout of a church and a furnished IKEA model room, as well as the concluding juxtaposition between an IKEA catalogue and a Bible.