Henry Gadsdon?
Questioning the Comfortable.

  Graphic Designer.
  NUA Graduate 2022.
Based Where I'm Needed.

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7. HSBC: We only work when we work for Everyone. 

Advertising Campaign / Design for Change

There is no single solution that can fix every kind of inaccessibility – We all need different things to have the same fulfilling experience.

Henry Gadsdon, Sanika Phawde, Hanna Eikeland Fossum, Zichen Yang / D&AD Academy 2021

In an effort against digital inaccessibility, at HSBC we are urging our users with disabilities or who are neurodiverse to tell us what we need to be doing better.

Over the last few weeks, many will have seen the heartfelt tributes to our disabled heroes that have spoken up about their struggles with technology – we’re acknowledging and thanking them, alongside resolving the issues they rightfully called us out on.

To put these realities into perspective and give our platform to those who aren’t heard, we’re telling their stories of creative resolve and fulfillment, too. Showing the harsh reality that comes to so many people around the world as a result of inaccessible user experience design. 

This fight against digital inaccessibility isn't a new one; while there is 15% of the global population that suffer from some form of disability, an enormous 97% of websites online continue to fail to meet accessibility standards.

This week-long brief was written by WPP with HSBC as part of the D&AD Academy.