3. Art Fund - Putting All Our Museums on a Pedestal.

Advertising Campaign & Public Installation

Although COVID-19 is on its way out, the public is naturally apprehensive to partake in the familiar act of visiting museums or galleries, businesses that are struggling immensely from the pandemic. To lighten this easing back to normality, the campaign gave each museum a platform to stand on, highlighting the unique aspects of each.

Henry Gadsdon / YCN 2021 Competition / 2021

A stunt-oriented advertising campaign for Art Fund, encouraging the UK population to make the most of their local museums that have been struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using the figurative and literal message of putting all our museums on a pedestal, we’re celebrating each of them with a uniquely designed pillar that promotes the specific museum in that area. This gives all museums a chance to be found, not just the more well-known galleries we’ve all already heard of.

All that this leads to is this website, a local directory for the museums, so that visitors can find even the nichest museums or galleries closest to them. The pedestal acts as a constant in the navigation, with playful art direction also fitting the tone of voice of the campaign and Art Fund in general.

With the call-to-action being the website directory, a digital counterpart to the stunt campaign was crucial. Using playful copy and motion graphics in Art Fund’s colours, we were able to intriuge viewers while still retaining the core message of ‘raising up’ the museums.