Henry Gadsdon?
Questioning the Comfortable.

  Graphic Designer.
  NUA Graduate.
 Based Where is Needed.

Featured Projects:

  1. Cut Short
  2. Art Fund_
  3. Writing Wrongs
  4. Keeping it Reel
  5. No Kidding
  6. Miyajima Modern
  7. HSBC Campaign
  8. IKEA Animated Short

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A budding designer currently loving motion graphics, branding and campaigns for social change the most; having studied Graphic Communications at .

Practicing Graphic Communications for over nine years, I’ve gained skills in a range of design practices: Particularly important to me being the fundamentals of nailing the message and the importance of how that concept can be visually translated.

I couldn’t be more eager to learn new skills to better myself as a designer, and as a person! In all my work I aim to make people take a second to question that moment they’re in.

D&AD New Blood Academy Member 2021.

Represented by
, a design group who bring together local freelance designers to produce work for neighbouring businesses in and around the city.

Note: I no longer look like Chucky ︎︎︎