Henry Gadsdon?
Questioning the Comfortable.

  Graphic Designer.
  NUA Graduate.
 Based Where is Needed.

Featured Projects:

  1. Cut Short
  2. Art Fund_
  3. Writing Wrongs
  4. Keeping it Reel
  5. No Kidding
  6. Miyajima Modern
  7. HSBC Campaign
  8. IKEA Animated Short

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Cut Short. The classy way to be taken out.
Art Fund_ Putting All Our Museums on a Pedestal.
Writing Wrongs. Using the power of words through Type as Image to tackle global injustices
Keeping It Reel.
No Kidding Poster reading "I'm no less a person for not wanting a child."
Miyajima Modern, a typeface based on the gate of Itsukushima Shrine.
HSBC is the bank that hears you, sees you, feels you, and understands you.
IKEA Short Film, abstract mixed media animation.